Protective Style Kit
$70.00 $86.00

Retain hair growth while wearing protective styles and prevent damage during the take down process with AnnCarol’s Protective Style Kit. This kit includes:

Cleansing Conditioner: Infused with Vitamin E to reduce and prevent split ends.

Clarifying Shampoo: Infused with Basil Oil to clear up oily and flaky scalps while stimulating hair growth.

Coconut Lavender Oil: Infused with Sweet Almond Oil to seal in moisture and protect the hair from dryness.

Daily Moisturizing Spray: Infused with Shea butter to nourish the hair and improve hair growth.

Hair Tip: To remove protective styles (braids, weaves, twists, loc extensions or any other form of extension): Apply cleansing conditioner closest to the scalp where build up or dirt naturally occur after wearing extension styles. For larger, more difficult areas of matted hair or knots, use your fingers to massage the cleansing conditioner into the hair to make sure it penetrates. Use the tip of a rattail comb to gently separate tangled strands. Apply more cleansing conditioner to the length of the hair and use a larger comb to comb through the entire section of hair to ensure it is completely free of tangles.