You can wear a braid style up to 8-10 weeks. If you’re going to wear them for the max amount of time, I highly recommend that you get a touch-up between four and six weeks. A touch-up means getting your hairline re-braided. The reason why this is important is because that’s the area that’s manipulated the most and that’s the area that suffers the most damage because we’re manipulating it the most, as far as pulling it back into styles.

The hair around the hairline is the most fragile. So when you think about adding an extension, whether it’s a braid or a faux loc, that’s weight on a small section of hair. And the more your hair grows out, the more fragile that hair becomes because instead of it being anchored to your scalp, it’s now hanging on loose hair, which weakens those strands. That’s the common cause of the traction and breakage we see around the hairline. So typically, after four and six weeks — because the hair can grow up to half an inch a month — you’ll have some new growth, and enough new growth where you can go around the hairline, touch it up, and now you can wear the style for another month without compromising the health of your hairline.