By Megan Kelley

When I had my baby boy I knew I was going to take the path I watched many of my friends and family take. We were going to get his hair cut at the age of one as a ceremonies occasion with pictures for the record of my sweet son (possibly crying) in the barber chair. Well, as it turns out, one of the biggest lessons I have learned since becoming a parent is what you THOUGHT you would do, is not always what ACTUALLY happens.

My son’s first birthday came and went and I we did not even THINK twice about cutting off his beautiful curls. At this point we had already adopted this as his “look” in our minds and we were so satisfied with it there was no need to change. Why fix something that’s not broken just to match the status quo?

To date, my son is three years old and he himself has grown to identify himself with full, big, curly hair. Now that we are all fixed on this style (for now at least) I realize that I have also added a not-so-easy task to my already busy schedule. One most of us ladies, moms, and especially moms with kids now about… WASH DAY! Wash day is the only time that I considered actually cutting his hair off.

When he was two years old his hair was significantly thinner and his curls a wee bit looser. Now, it is GAME ON as his hair is thick, his coils have tightened (but he still looks so gosh darn cute!) and he is much more vocal about his hair styling experiences. I didn’t want to cut off his “poofy hair”, as he calls it, because I could not figure out a simple hair care regimen that would cause less tears and give us more family time. However, the products I was using on his hair were not working anymore and we were fighting constant dryness. I started to think maybe it was just time for “the big chop”.

Just as I was subconsciously throwing in the towel and slowly shortening my son’s hair one inch at a time (and about three inches later), God sent me a miracle in a bottle. I was suggested to try out the AnnCarol line of hair care product. And boy oh boy did it save my day. Literally! What used to take me 45 minutes in just washing along, now was taking me 15! And the best part, it was happening with the absence of discomfort and tears.

First, the AnnCarol Cleansing Conditioner which is packed with nutrient and gently cleansing ingredients that it is actually safe enough to use as a leave in. I always prep my son’s hair with this product. On wash day I stretch his curls out with my hands, section by section, to get rid of any group tangles. I then add the AnnCarol Cleansing conditioner throughout his hair from the root to the tips to make sure his entire head is saturated.

From here we hop in the shower (with the tub stopped up so he doesn’t get cold), and add water to his head. Not too much to rinse out the product, but enough to moisten his hair. Starting at the back of his neck, I use a pick comb (which I have grown to love because the demi brush was also adding to our trauma if you will) and I create sections about 2 inches wide and pick out his tangles working from the ends to the roots. He is playing and happy the whole time while I am doing this. I work from the back of this neck to the top of his head with this same method until his entire head has been gently detangled.

HOLD IT! There is something important I must insert here. I mostly co wash my son’s hair but I do interchange it with shampoo just to maintain his hair and scalp health and avoid the possibility of product build up. When I do, I use AnnCarol Moisturizing shampoo and believe it or not, I detangle JUST THE SAME with shampoo in his hair and the tangle come out just as easy! It is crazy how well this product assists with detangling while cleansing. It is so great that you can even detangle with the Moisturizing Shampoo! Okay… end rant here.


After cleansing his hair I rinse all of the product free from his hair and scalp and proceed with smoothing in the AnnCarol Penetrating Deep Conditioner throughout his hair. I have to admit it took me some time getting used to this deep conditioner. I am used to conditioners that just make the hair appear soft. Key word, “appear” soft. Well this one is a bit different. In addition to softening and moisturizing, the AnnCarol Deep Conditioner will actually make your strands feel strong. This was a totally new thing for me. It reduces shedding significantly and  your hair actually has an immediately identifiable strength and thickness to it! While this magic sits in his hair, he plays, and then we bath, and then I throughly rinse out the Penetrating Conditioner and bath time is done!

OH MY GOODNESS. Can you believe it? That’s it! My son always ask, “You’re done?” I say, “Yes” and he says, “Good job!” Ha! Moms know how much these little cute compliments actually warm your heart like no other.

We are out, ready, happy, and healthy with hair full of moisture. To make sure we do not lose all of that moisture that we just gained, I spray his hair AND HIS ENTIRE BODY with the AnnCarol Peppermint Chamomile Revitalizing Hair Oil. Again, I cannot stress enough how the ingredients in these products are so good that you can actually use it over your whole body.

As a mom and wife, I am so happy to finally have a product that my whole family can use that’s healthy and works! Its saves us all time, space in the cabinets, and money because there is no more guess work and product waste. My whole family, including my wonderful husband, benefits from this new household staple. Our hair and our skin thank AnnCarol Beauty.

Megan Kelley is a Los Angeles based Photographer, Mommy, Wife, and AnnCarol Beauty. Follow Megan on Instagram @MelaninMotivations