Combing and detangling your little one’s hair is often the hardest part of your routine.

Dont worry. There are ways to make this process smoother. Choosing the right products, styles and routines produce the type of stress-free hair care experiences every parent dreams of.

The Tools:

•Wide Tooth Comb or Afro Pick
•Fine Tooth Comb or Rat Tail Comb
•AnnCarol Baby Kit


Detangle While Damp

Damp Hair or wet hair is easier to comb through. Without the usual struggle against dry and resistant tresses there is much less breakage. Your child will hold onto their new growth longer giving those strands more time to reach their full potential.

 First, part the hair into small sections. Saturate each section with AnnCarol's Cleansing conditioner from root to ends. The hair should feel damp. Use a wide-tooth comb or afro pick to detangle and prep each section of your childs hair for shampoo or styling. Take a section and start at the end of the hair and work slowly to the top. You may encounter knots on the way. Dont fight them. Instead, take the fine-tooth or rat tail comb and gently loosen the knot. If you avoid the harmful tear or yank you can prevent further damage to the hair shaft.

Rinse all of the cleansing conditioner from the hair and follow up with AnnCarol's Moisturizing Shampoo. After rinsing shampoo completely from the hair, towel dry and mist AnnCarol's Coconut Lavender oil into the hair (you can also use the Peppermint Chamomile oil if you prefer). Now you can proceed with styling on damp or dry hair (AnnCarol's Revitalizing Oils are natural heat protectants that prevent hair damage from blow drying). 

To keep your little one's hair hydrated on a daily basis use AnnCarol's Daily Moisturizing Spray.